Swiss Soul Weekender 2015

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Dear friends, three weeks after the weekender we are still overwhelmed by the support and the love we experienced. Thank you so very much! We want to keep up that feeling and become a huge family of music lovers, collectors, organisers, dancers. It’s not about membership, it’s about a commitment to friendship. We’d like to […] Weiterlesen – ‘’.
Introducing the 2015 Weekender DJ’s: Malayka
When we invited Malayka we thought lets bring a piece of the bamberg experience cake to switzerland and add with a hint chocolate and cheese then our next weekender will be really tasty….hmmmmmmmmm… As a true gypsy she was born in switzerland, lives in the uk but has seen lotsa places in the wide world. […] Weiterlesen – ‘Introducing the 2015 Weekender DJ’s: Malayka’.
Introducing the 2015 Weekender DJ’s: Michael Sulz
Introducing the djs part III: Michael Sulz from Tübingen, Germany pro: – nonsmoker – unwed – young – good looking – loves soul music (mainly 6ts and r&b) – loves old cars and ladies (or other way round?!) – likes drinking contra: – likes drinking – no money Michael does the „hit & run“ soulnighter […] Weiterlesen – ‘Introducing the 2015 Weekender DJ’s: Michael Sulz’.

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